A brain with beams of light shooting out of it.

Record number of Alzheimer’s drugs in development in 2023

Recent research indicates there are more Alzheimer's Disease drugs in trial now than ever. That's good news for patients seeking relief.
Fingers click over a QWERTY keyboard, creating the image of data that they are inputting.

The future of Alzheimer’s Disease drugs

There's a big push for new drugs to treat Alzheimer's Disease, In this Q&A, Dr. Jeffrey Cummings explains why that's a good thing.
A doctor sits on one side of a desk, talking to patients about a diagnosis of dementia.

What to consider after a loved one receives a diagnosis of dementia

Dementia diagnoses can be scary for everyone involved. Here are some things to consider after a loved one gets the news.
Image of a brain with rays of light beaming from it.

Setting the record straight about assessments

Dr. William Perry sets the record straight about the power and value of neurocognitive testing and assessments.
Actor Michael J. Fox, who has Parkinson's Disease, sits on a couch and laughs as he points to the camera.

Fox still educating, inspiring about Parkinson’s Disease

30 years after Parkinson's diagnosis, beloved actor Michael J. Fox continues to educate the public and lead by example.
Actor Bruce Willis smiles for the camera with his family, including former wife Demi Moore.

Understanding Conditions of Aging, Frontotemporal Dementia

Actor Bruce Willis is grappling with a condition called Frontotemporal Dementia. In this Q&A, Dr. Andrew Budson explains what it is.
Boy hugs his mother on Mother's Day, 1975.

Pieces of Her

Dementia is difficult for everyone. In this essay, author Alex Woodard describes his family's unique struggle.

Understanding neuroplasticity and how brains adapt

In this Q&A, a companion piece to Helen Santoro's feature, Dr. Erin Bigler talks about adaptability and the future of brain science.

Her plastic brain

Author Helen Santoro has a giant hole in her brain. Discovering how her brain has adapted has been an ongoing journey.