Factchecking: A key part of BrainWise reported features

The National Academy of Neuropsychology, Inc. (NAN), is passionate about communicating key and current issues in neuropsychology and brain health to the public.

We believe everyone should have access to good brain science, because the brain is core to every part of life, health, and personhood. That’s why we’ve developed BrainWise: To deliver the latest in brain science in a way that’s accessible for everyone.  

NAN is composed of scientists and health care providers, and we are committed to promoting science with the utmost scientific integrity so that you are provided trusted information . To ensure this, we use a rigorous fact-checking process for the reported stories our writers present as fact.

This process is designed to give you peace of mind that you are reading accurate, factually correct, unbiased material.

Our core fact checking team comprises members of NAN’s Publications Committee, which comprises professionals in the fields of brain science and clinical care. When subjects need a broader reach, we also will recruit additional fact-checking experts from related fields, including neurology, neurosurgery, and laboratory neuroscience.

We look forward to your feedback.