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Physical activity a key to brain health

Being physically active is critically important for general health, heart health, and brain health, too.

Mourning of the inanimate

Giving care to a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease is never easy. When you’re in your 30s, it’s excruciating.

How today’s world is reshaping your brain

From climate change to mass shootings to war in the Middle East, your brain is trying to cope—and it needs your help.

Music and the brain

Music makes our brains dance. But why? And how? Learn more in this Q&A with Dr. Eric Zillmer.

New Brain Beat podcast features Dr. Tresa Roebuck Spencer

Episode 15 of the NAN Foundation’s “Brain Beat” podcast features a special guest: Dr. Tresa Roebuck Spencer, who is living with brain cancer.

What happens when you treat depression with ketamine

John Gorman had battled depression for years. He’d tried every treatment available. Then he tried ketamine.

Running through a diagnosis of dementia

Following a dementia diagnosis, Tom and Becky White remain determined to run a race in every state. This is their story.

Cutting through the (brain) fog

Brain fog is one of the most talked-about side effects of COVID-19. But what is it? And what is its connection to dementia?

Why a Mediterranean diet is good for your brain

Eating a healthy diet of foods from the Mediterranean can actually improve your brain health — and your life.

What to consider when evaluating nutritional supplements

Nutritional supplements bring the promise of improved memory and better brain health. To what extent do they actually work?