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The connection between nutrition and brain health

Healthy nutrition helps us to stay fit and live better lives. Certain diets are especially good for brain health.

From neuropsychologist to young adult novelist

Katie Keridan spent the first 12 years of her career as a pediatric neuropsychologist; then she decided to work with kids in a different way.

How TMS treats depression

In this Q&A, Dr. Jeff Daskalakis explains the science behind TMS, and how magnetic waves treat depression.

My experience treating depression with magnetic waves

After a lifetime of battling depression, one woman turns to magnetic waves to trigger change in her brain.

How social connections can improve brain health

Social connections are yet another part of life that contribute to brain health. NAN’s latest video explains why and how.

Former NAN President quoted in Reader’s Digest story about intelligence

A popular magazine published an article about intelligence, and the author turned to a former NAN president for help.

What not to miss at the 43rd annual NAN Conference

The 43rd annual NAN Conference will be packed with informative sessions and research about brain science.

Three decades of fighting for brain health

Rep. Bill Pascrell (D-N.J.) has spent more than three decades fighting for brain health in Congress. Here’s why.

Physical activity a key to brain health

Being physically active is critically important for general health, heart health, and brain health, too.

Why a Mediterranean diet is good for your brain

Eating a healthy diet of foods from the Mediterranean can actually improve your brain health — and your life.